ECL Ductwork, East Anglia's Leading Ductwork Specialists

E Chambers (MES) Ltd

Established by Ed Chambers in 1975, E Chambers (MES) Ltd has grown from humble roots to occupy a key position within the ductwork and ventilation sector in East Anglia.


Now trading as ECL or ECL Ductwork, the company is still a family run business and has an excellent team of dedicated staff who continue to drive the company forward and deliver successful ductwork projects across a hugely diverse range of environments.


Driven by an enthusiasm to produce a superior product and provide a friendly and approachable service, we have been fortunate enough to deliver over 40 years’ worth of high-quality installations and maintenance services.  Our products now continue to serve a large number of buildings and businesses, not just throughout Cambridge and East Anglia, but across the Globe from the Mountains of Oman to the Research Stations of the Antarctic.


We currently occupy a purpose-built facility offering over 11,500 sq ft of office, workshop and storage space. Working either directly with the end user on a D&B basis, or as a sub-contractor manufacturing and installing to a consultant’s design. We also offer a manufacture only service and deliver projects of all sizes, from a one-off bespoke item, to contracts around £750K.


With an ever-increasing legislative requirement being put on building and business owners, we also offer complementary services such as LEV or Fire Damper testing to ensure systems are working as they should and protecting the building users.

ECL Ductwork, East Anglia's Leading Ductwork Specialists